From the Slushpile: Some Kind of Way Out of Here (Part Three)

Part Three is ready for you to read.

J. Jeremy Hicks -- Author

And here’s where it starts to get weird…


### Part Three ###

The weak beams of their electric lanterns darted along the rough walls. The three enlisted men crossed one narrow stone bridge and then another as they explored the expansive main chamber. They signaled to us each time they located a passageway leading away from it. I signaled back with my hand-powered flashlight, while Minh plotted the archways on the map he’d started.

They’d found a total of five possible egresses from the central cavern. Wait, no, six, I reminded myself. The lieutenant had forgotten to include the stairway leading back to the surface temple, until I pointed it out to him. Based on the sketch map, I expected two more passageways to be discovered.

Here at the feet of an alien god, according to the map, we sat at the hub of a wheel of dharma. Minh would…

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Who Is Minimizing You In Your Own Head?

This well-written, thought-provoking article speaks to the heart of the problem with most writers’ insecurities, other people. It encourages all of us to shut down those nagging, naysaying voices of others that we carry with us long after those people are no longer in our presence. Read it. Meditate on it. And join the fight against your own inner demons by acknowledging the negative people in your life and minimizing their influence on your happiness, security, and creativity.

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Sands of Sorrow Launches Today! Kindle Version only 99 CENTS!!!

My second novel launches today. Catch it on Kindle for only 99 CENTS!

The Cycle of Ages Saga

Sands of Sorrow_title logo_black lettering

The intense sequel to the Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers is live on Amazon now, so we’re happy to offer the Kindle version of Sands of Sorrow to you for the introductory price of 99 CENTS!!! Buy it HERE!

The Master-of-Disaster is back in this exciting, no-holds-barred sequel to the Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers! With his primary mission on hold for now, Kaladimus Dor continues his association with the mercenary guild known as Finders Keepers as they search for the first missing piece to the Hallowed Vessel, its original figurehead. However, his companion, Yax’Kaqix, makes a fateful decision to honor a promise to a dead man that will set them on a path to change the fates of thousands and set them on a course for adventure across the Sands of Sorrow, a haunted, unnatural desert created at the cataclysmic end of the previous cycle of…

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