Sands of Sorrow Launches Today! Kindle Version only 99 CENTS!!!

My second novel launches today. Catch it on Kindle for only 99 CENTS!

The Cycle of Ages Saga

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The intense sequel to the Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers is live on Amazon now, so we’re happy to offer the Kindle version of Sands of Sorrow to you for the introductory price of 99 CENTS!!! Buy it HERE!

The Master-of-Disaster is back in this exciting, no-holds-barred sequel to the Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers! With his primary mission on hold for now, Kaladimus Dor continues his association with the mercenary guild known as Finders Keepers as they search for the first missing piece to the Hallowed Vessel, its original figurehead. However, his companion, Yax’Kaqix, makes a fateful decision to honor a promise to a dead man that will set them on a path to change the fates of thousands and set them on a course for adventure across the Sands of Sorrow, a haunted, unnatural desert created at the cataclysmic end of the previous cycle of…

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New Website!

The new Cycle of Ages Saga website is LIVE! Please excuse the mess as we expand the site and tinker with the content.

The Cycle of Ages Saga

This is the new official website for The Cycle of Ages Saga. Pardon the mess and abrupt changes as we work to expand and improve the site and provide more news, updates, and other content.

Update (June 8, 2015): The About, Bookstore, and Merch pages are now LIVE! Please check out what we have available.

Update (June 11, 2015): The Concept Artwork page is now available for your perusal.

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