Living as A Writer: A Note to my Friends (Reblogged with Comments)


The following blog from author Ken Kuhlken sums up my feelings exactly. Can’t remember how many books I’ve given out to friends, family, and people who seemed genuinely interested in reading and reviewing our accomplishment, a hard won one with the level of competition for the limited slots available with a traditional publisher. We did not draft something in the span of lunar cycle, edit it over the weekend, and then click publish on Amazon. We poured time, energy, effort, and a lot of emotion into our novel. In no other industry, would so much be put into a product with so many expecting to enjoy it for free.

How many actual sales did we make? How many actual reviews did we have posted to Goodreads and Amazon? Well, in the year since the publication of The Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers, not many. Not nearly as many as we’d like. No where near enough to reach that Holy Grail of profitability. We thank those who have supported us, rather than making excuses for not doing so or actively working against us in our efforts. You have our hearts and minds, for they are on each and every page of each and every creative endeavor we produce. You’re the ones who keep us going. With all our love, we say thanks!

In the parlance of Stan Lee, those of you who are true believers should stay tuned because The Cycle of Saga continues to expand in its second year…details to follow in August. Now onto the original blog that prompted my response.

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A week ago, I mentioned to my friend Annie that my latest novel would be out soon. She asked if I meant to give her a copy. Now, it’s not the first time I’ve been asked that question. Not hardly. But this time, my patience faltered.

I said, “Come on, I have to spend a couple years writing the book, deal with the publisher and all, and spend countless hours marketing, and then I’m supposed to give the book away?”

She said, “Well . . . ”

Had I felt slightly ornerier, I would’ve asked, “Should I read it for you too?”

After she left, I wondered, if I were rich, would I give copies to all my friends? Maybe not. I mean, when author friends of mine have new books, I prefer to buy them, in honor of their accomplishment.

Then, yesterday, an email arrived: “Congratulations on your new…

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