Who am I to Give you Advice on Writing?

Author Alex Laybourne sums up my thoughts on “writing advice” and “tips from writers” style posts and blog entries. You won’t see many of them here on my blog.

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Who am I to Give you Advice on Writing?

So many of the blogs I see coming through my inbox are talking about the craft of writing; the art of writing.

There are blogs talking about creating characters, and atmosphere. Adding tension and drama to the influential scenes in your book. I’ve read at least three blogs this month talking about story arc, and a plot points.

Each blog made valid points. They all approached the topic with a different voice, and from a slightly different angle.

Writing-AdviceI will not lie, each blog was filled with tips that could, in theory by useful and interesting. Many of the main pointers were the same, which quite frankly, was a relief. There is nothing worse than reading conflicting posts.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with these post, or the abundance in which they seem to appear. After all…

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